Even The Greatest Culinary Masters In The World Couldn't Serve Up Knuckle Sandwiches This Good

You can walk into any Michelin Star rated restaurant, round up all the James Beard Award winning chefs on the planet, and you still wouldn't be able to find somebody who can whip up some knuckle sandwiches like that. 

This man's fist game is smoother than a pour of Elijah Craig Small Batch. It's smoother than Songbird by Kenny G. It's smoother than some freshly paved asphalt on a hot summer's day. This man could beat your skull into a bloody pulp and it would be like he was orchestrating a symphony. He'll kick your ass with his right hand, have a Marlboro red just dangling there in his left, kick his feet up to relax and just call it a Thursday afternoon. 

Just another premium example of why you should never mess with old man strength. One moment you think you're fighting a high school math teacher, the next moment you're Tyson'd into next week.