Coach K Is Whining And Complaining (Again) Because He Simply Doesn't Realize Some Things Are Bigger Than Sports

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[Source] - "In cutting down from 31 [games] to 27 [games], it should have been where you just give 27 games," he said. "We didn't do that, so then people tried to form their own MTEs, get into different things and now, you can get into two MTEs. You're trying to figure out games. I just think the planning in that regard was not very good. Once you cut down from 31 to 27, you should've just given everyone an opportunity to schedule and not worry about the MTEs. We actually have formed our own because we had to. It's crazy. It could've been easy to just say 'Everyone's got 27, let's go.'"

Krzyzewski joked that Duke might have to play opponents from local playgrounds to complete its schedule.

This was the most expected thing of the offseason. Coach K bitching and moaning because something is going slightly against Duke. It's a yearly tradition at this point. We got low-majors shutting down programs and people trying to figure out how to keep athletic departments above water and Dickhead K is out here complaining about having to play away from Cameron Indoor. Hey, maybe it'll help so they don't lose to Mercer or Lehigh on a neutral court. Honestly, Coach K could learn from our leader Dave: 

Oh, no Coach K has to adjust on the fly like every other coach! How dare the NCAA make him do that. How dare they make him even potentially schedule a road game. How dare they not bow down and do whatever dictator K says? Nothing cracks me up more than watching K get all pissy about something not going his way. He's so used to being able to do whatever he wants that the moment something goes a bit haywire he loses his shit. You'd think someone who went to Army would understand how to keep their composure more.

You think K would realize that teams are doing everything possible to play games. You know, that's what the athletes want to do. Kids he's supposed to care about. Some of these low-majors aren't able to get the buy games they typically do because of no fans, so they are entering as many MTE's as possible to get to 27 games. Who cares if there are two MTE's? All we want to do is watch games, does anyone give a shit if a team plays in two tournaments to get there or not? Nope. Except K. 

Some things.