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The Barstool College Gaming Championship Is LIVE And You - Yes YOU - Can Watch And Win A PS5, XBOX Series X, Or $500 Amazon Gift Card

Oh baby.  The 1st ever Barstool Gaming Championship is LIVE and it's brought to our good friends over at XP Sports who are also giving away a PS5, Xbox Series X, or $500 gift cart to Amazon for just being you.  How nice is that?  Simply go to xpsports.com/BARSTOOL to sign up for the sweepstakes and follow along the tournament until a champion is crowned to find out if you get the glory.  

As for the Barstool Gaming Championship, we've had our fair share of #CommonManCups for the masses, but this, THIS is something to behold.  MragsTV and I will be codcasting every Wednesday night from twitch.tv/barstoolsports.  You want in on the big time?  Let's cook.  



Barstool’s inaugural Viceroy Warzone league and tournament. Games will take place in public lobbies, in 3 hour increments, once a week for 7-weeks before we crown the first-ever Barstool Sports College Gaming Champion.


  • 64 teams of 3. 7 weeks. One night a week, players will stream for 3 hours. At the end of the 3 hours, players will submit their stream and their points will be tallied. Scores will reset after each round.

  • The round of 64 will be one week. The round of 32 will be two weeks. After the round of 32, 16 teams will be cut and a bracket of 16 teams will be set. The seeding will be based on the team’s performance in the 2 weeks of the round of 32. The round of 32 will be a cumulative score over the 2 weeks.

  • Players can be substituted out each week as long as the new players/team meets requirements.

  • Every competing player must be submitted 12 hours before game starts each week

  • Winning Prize: The Barstool College Championship Belt and bragging rights as the #1 Warzone school in the country.


  • Players must be a current student at university/college

  • Combined team K/D no higher than 12. 


  • ROUND 1 (64 Schools): 10/28

  • ROUND 2 (32 Schools): 11/4 & 11/1

  • ROUND 3 (16 Schools): 11/18 

  • ROUND 4 (8 Schools): 12/2 (Skip Thanksgiving)

  • ROUND 5 (4 Schools): 12/9

  • CHAMPIONSHIP: Wednesday, 12/16


  • Each Kill = 1 Point 

  • Top 20 = 1 Point 

  • Top 15 = 2 Points 

  • Top 10 = 4 Points 

  • Top 7 = 7 Points 

  • Top 4 = 10 Points 

  • Top 3 = 15 Points 

  • Top 2 = 20 Points 

  • Victory = 25 Points

  • Placement Points do NOT stack. For example if you come in 9th place you get 4 points, NOT 4+2+1 points. 

And there she goes.  Mrags and myself are live NOW codcasting the sweet jazz.  

Let's cook.