The Barstool College Gaming Championship Is LIVE And You - Yes YOU - Can Watch And Win A PS5, XBOX Series X, Or $500 Amazon Gift Card

Oh baby.  The 1st ever Barstool Gaming Championship is LIVE and it's brought to our good friends over at XP Sports who are also giving away a PS5, Xbox Series X, or $500 gift cart to Amazon for just being you.  How nice is that?  Simply go to to sign up for the sweepstakes and follow along the tournament until a champion is crowned to find out if you get the glory.  

As for the Barstool Gaming Championship, we've had our fair share of #CommonManCups for the masses, but this, THIS is something to behold.  MragsTV and I will be codcasting every Wednesday night from  You want in on the big time?  Let's cook.  



Barstool’s inaugural Viceroy Warzone league and tournament. Games will take place in public lobbies, in 3 hour increments, once a week for 7-weeks before we crown the first-ever Barstool Sports College Gaming Champion.


  • 64 teams of 3. 7 weeks. One night a week, players will stream for 3 hours. At the end of the 3 hours, players will submit their stream and their points will be tallied. Scores will reset after each round.

  • The round of 64 will be one week. The round of 32 will be two weeks. After the round of 32, 16 teams will be cut and a bracket of 16 teams will be set. The seeding will be based on the team’s performance in the 2 weeks of the round of 32. The round of 32 will be a cumulative score over the 2 weeks.

  • Players can be substituted out each week as long as the new players/team meets requirements.

  • Every competing player must be submitted 12 hours before game starts each week

  • Winning Prize: The Barstool College Championship Belt and bragging rights as the #1 Warzone school in the country.


  • Players must be a current student at university/college

  • Combined team K/D no higher than 12. 


  • ROUND 1 (64 Schools): 10/28

  • ROUND 2 (32 Schools): 11/4 & 11/1

  • ROUND 3 (16 Schools): 11/18 

  • ROUND 4 (8 Schools): 12/2 (Skip Thanksgiving)

  • ROUND 5 (4 Schools): 12/9

  • CHAMPIONSHIP: Wednesday, 12/16


  • Each Kill = 1 Point 

  • Top 20 = 1 Point 

  • Top 15 = 2 Points 

  • Top 10 = 4 Points 

  • Top 7 = 7 Points 

  • Top 4 = 10 Points 

  • Top 3 = 15 Points 

  • Top 2 = 20 Points 

  • Victory = 25 Points

  • Placement Points do NOT stack. For example if you come in 9th place you get 4 points, NOT 4+2+1 points. 

And there she goes.  Mrags and myself are live NOW codcasting the sweet jazz.  

Let's cook.