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As Expected, The Dallas Cowboys Are Having A Fire Sale

A day after Dallas traded Everson Griffin (who has largely been TERRIBLE this year) to Detroit for a 2021 conditional 6th, this defense is basically getting the cobwebs cleaned out. 

Mike McCarthy and co basically called up CB Daryl Worley and DT Dontari Poe and said “turn in your playbook” and just stay away from the Star. It appears that if the Boys can’t sell Worley and Poe off for scraps, they’re going to just discard them altogether. 

I can’t say I’m exactly shocked with the move, but knowing Jerry and how hesitant he is to make real changes or be sellers at the deadline… it is somewhat surprising in a good way. 

Who else could and should be on the chopping block? Michael Gallup for SURE. This team will not be able to pay him once his rookie deal is up and in the meantime, they surely aren’t going to be able to squeeze much out of his ability with a slew of backup QBs and a SUS offensive line. 

Jaylon Smith is another guy who I could see Dallas shopping around. He hasn't been great and his contract is less team-friendly than it was when he signed. I’m sure there a few teams that could use a linebacker who has the ability to fly around and make plays but has been downright awful this season. He has by all means looked LOST. 

Here is what insider Albert Breer had to say about the possibility of Jaylon being shipped out: 

“A well-established fact within the walls of the Cowboys’ facility: LB Jaylon Smith hasn’t played up to his contract over the last year and a half. In fact, I know people there have been alarmed how often he’s at the heart of big plays made against the Dallas defense. I believe he’s got a pretty important couple months ahead, and it wouldn’t shock me if he’s gone after the year, regardless of who’s running the defense.”

Amari Cooper is another one that could get big money off the books (if you’re committed to Gallup) given the emergence of Noah Brown and Cedrick Wilson. Green Bay could be an immediate option that could plug and play him into their offense to make a run at a Superbowl. 

Jerry made it clear on a recent radio interview that a big time shake up would continue through the trade deadline. 

"We'll change some personnel for sure,'' Jones told 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. "We just need to step in here and make adjustments. That's what you do."

Yep. I’d say Jerry Jones admitting that Dallas was having a wholesale anyone goes garage sale in the next week shows that EVERYONE inside and outside this building knows that things are officially dead for this season. Pack it up and acquire picks and free up cap space. 

It’s going to be a very busy week for the Cowboys as they shed the fat and stock up on draft picks. The 2020 season is officially off the road, and I’m all in on tanking for a Top 5 and a franchise offensive lineman. 

Until then, it’s going to be a LONG ass season, especially when you know the Cowboys are going to get dunked on all season long by scrubs like Kendrick Perkins.