Does This Look Like the Face of a Woman Who Posed as Her Own Prosecutor to Drop the Charges Against Herself?

Manchester (NH) Union Leader - A Littleton woman allegedly impersonated a Hillsborough County prosecutor when she filed bogus documents with court officials declaring that the drug possession and stalking case against her had been dropped, according to recently released indictments.

Lisa Landon, 33, of Railroad Street, Littleton ... submitted the fake documents in three different court cases last November and December. In several instances, she used the New Hampshire court system’s electronic system to file documents.

In November, Hillsborough County prosecutors became suspicious when they heard from a state forensic examiner, who had been scheduled to perform a competency evaluation on Landon.

The examiner saw a notice in Landon’s court file that prosecutors had dropped charges; the examiner wanted to know if the examination should go forward. ...

Indictments allege Landon also filed an order falsifying a decision of retired Superior Court Judge Gillian Abramson to waive filing fees in a lawsuit she brought against Hillsborough County. And she allegedly filed an order on behalf of a relative to halt guardianship proceedings involving Landon’s child.

Landon’s history includes criminal charges in Manchester related to stalking and possession of methamphetamine.

To me the most surprising part of this whole saga is the possession of meth thing. Not to stereotype, but Lisa Landon doesn't strike me at all to be a tweaker. With those bright, intelligent eyes. Rosy cheeks. That wry, knowing smile.

Besides could your typical meth head pull off a brilliant enterprise such as this? No ordinary, garden-variety criminal could pull this off. This is supervillain stuff. Something you'd expect to see in a Marvel movie where the woman the Avengers have been working with is revealed to be Loki. Or to look at it a different way, she pulled a "Mission: Impossible," using some sinister spy ring's own system against them. And then she walks away from the courthouse, reaches under her collar, pulls back the Lisa Landon mask and she's been Tom Cruise the whole time. 

Take note, all you wanna bes and aspiring criminals. This is how you do it. Pleading out is for losers. Taking it to trial is a sucker's game. Winners pose as the very people that are trying to put them away and fix the game in their favor from the inside. And even use it to make sure they waive the court costs all the normal sheeple pay. Granted, it didn't work out in the end. But she made the court system look like buffoons and I'm sure that'll make her queen of the women's penitentiary. When you get out, Lisa - if you get out - you can stalk me any time.