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Dickhead Of The Year Names His Wi-Fi Hotspot At The Airport "Bomb Location Seat 19E", Causing The Tarmac To Be Shutdown

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KDVR - A scare for passengers on board a Southwest flight heading for Denver before they ever left the ground in Seattle on Thursday afternoon. There was a bomb threat that apparently involved that flight. Passengers say someone tried to name a wireless hot spot “Bomb Location Seat 19E.” That was enough for federal marshals to halt the flight and arrest the man. One woman says she was right behind the suspect. “I thought he was in a band because he had a guitar case, so I thought he was going for a gig in boulder or going to college.” The man was arrested without incident. But passengers waited for several hours on the tarmac as they were re-screened before being allowed to travel to Denver.


Let’s just lock this guy up and throw away the key. It really takes a special type of asshole to go out of their way to make an airport experience worse. The person who talks to you in line for security, the fat person (just in general), the person who brings their child onto a plane without giving them 3 doses of NyQuil first, and the person who names their Wi-Fi network “Bomb Location Seat 19E.” If fucking Mini Me can’t get through security without having his asshole tested for bombs, you can’t name your internet a bomb location.


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So fuck this guy. He doesn’t deserve to be part of society with the rest of us. Nobody wants to be at the airport to begin with, nevermind because you thought you are sooooo fucking clever. Oh look at me, I’m going to talk about bombs and an airport, so many lulz. No, fuck you. Have a tiny bit of awareness. It’s really not hard to just go to the airport, eat a cinobon, have an Auntie Annes pretzel, and not close down the tarmac for 3 hours. Minimum 10 year jail sentence.

PS: If 19E was his seat number, then death penalty. Because that means he’s literally too stupid for life.