Common Man Wednesday - A Grocery Store, A Moron Kid And The Suburbs Of Philly

Each Wednesday we're going to look at common man shit. I'm talking people throughout TV history. I'm talking random shit. Why? Because, that's what this company was founded on and that's the majority of people reading this. These blogs are going to be completely random, with random rankings in the middle and be all over the place. Can't help it. If you have suggestions for a common man activity or a common man, send it over. 

Last week we addressed the beauty of ordering a tall boy on the side of a 30 rack: 

Today we move on to one of the most important men and dad in TV history. A true common man through and through. A man that had to deal with an idiot son, a know-it-all son and a surprise pregnancy later on. A man who worked in a grocery store and owned a way too nice of house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We're talking Alan Matthews

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Sure, Mr. Feeny gets all the talk about giving life lessons, but he's no common man. Oh no, that's Alan Matthews, one of the most common men in TV history. I'm not talking the actor anything like that, this is a strict Alan Matthews appreciation blog. A man who took Shawn Hunter in. A man who had to deal with this idiot for years, even going into business with him: 

Top-5 TV dads

5. Frank Costanza 

4. Uncle Phil

3. Eric Taylor

2. Carl Winslow

1. Alan Matthews

The man lived a life too. He joined the Navy, won golden gloves then raised a family. It's tough to get more common than that dude. He just wanted to watch games with Eric and Cory and not talk about work. He eventually opened up a business with Eric, which we all know is a dumb thing to do. Not to mention when he did for all of us in the 90s. We all tuned in on TGIF and then eventually the Disney Channel. He was a pivotal dad for us growing up. The only thing missing was a great theme song.

Top TV theme songs

5. Baywatch

4. City Guys

3. Hang Time

2. The OC

1. King of Queens

Sometimes we need to respect the common man we see on our TV. It's an important thing in our lives! Some may argue that we watch way too much TV and that's what I wanted to do in this blog. Again, this is an appreciation for common men and common man things. It's what we are at our core. Nobody lived that more than Alan Matthews. 

PS: Alan had some incredible lettuce. 

PPS: Chubbie's burgers always looked fucking delicious