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Carlos Dunlap Bitched On Instagram Yet Again So The Bengals Finally Showed Some Balls And Told Him To Stay Home - The Same One He Tried To Sell On Twitter

I haven't seen someone try to get fired this badly since, well, maybe ever? Carlos Dunlap is simply doing everything possible to leave Cincinnati, a place that he's been since he was drafted in 2010. He got demoted from his starting job (mostly because he's been awful) and well, let's just say he hasn't handled it okay. He started by posting the depth chart before the Browns game

Then he got in a fight with the DL coaching during the Browns game-winning drive on Sunday. Oh, he also followed that up by posting all the details of his house for sale on Twitter and Instagram (now deleted) 

And now today the Bengals finally showed some balls. They finally told him to stay home since he's been nothing but a distraction at the facility. They also probably wanted to make sure he wouldn't post shit from the locker room. The only thing that would make this better is if Dunlap actually sold his house. I mean Joe Mixon tried to buy it, what if he just moved in already? That's the only thing that could make this more of a Bengals story. 

I don't get the AIM lyrics on Instagram post. I wish he was more blunt. Just say like 'fuck this, I'm out.' I don't need Dashboard Confessional on Instagram. Yeah, I wish AIM was still a thing and trying to explain that to people way younger than us is absolutely hilarious. Trying to explain how you had to have the perfect profile, how important a screen name was, separating your buddy list and that sound of the door opening and closing. That said, nothing was more important than nailing an away message.