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Bizarre Scene During The Dodgers Celebration As Justin Turner Returned To The Field Despite Being Told To Isolate After Testing Positive For Covid-19 During The Game

Yikes. I know what you're going to say, false positive right? Listen, I'm no doctor but you'd think everyone would want to play it safe with the dude who tested positive for covid-19 DURING the game and not have him out there for the team picture without his mask on. Pretty bad look all around, especially Dave Roberts not knowing a single thing when he was asked about it. 

Obviously they just won the World Series and all wanna celebrate together, it's just super weird to see after you heard the breaking news after the game. Based off these Passan tweets it doesn't seem like there's a false positive to me. This is a very bad look. 

Ken Rosenthal definitively said this was not a false positive in a call afterwards with Fox Sports. Again, I have zero medical expertise, but you probably don't want that dude on the field without a mask for optics alone, never mind safety of all the players and their families. Seems like they just said fuck it since he's been with him this whole time anyways and was in the dugout for most of the game? Rosenthal said they told Turner to not go back out there but the Dodgers and Turner insisted anyways. Yikes. The fact that MLB didn't stop this is really, really bad, but I imagine Rob Manfred is probably asleep in his hotel room already. 

I desperately hope everyone is okay and Turner recovers with no issues. Such a downer of a story on a night of celebration for LA. Of course baseball had to go out like this. So fitting.