We've Got Another Grade A Lunatic Voicemail From A Stoolie. This One From An Unhinged Psychiatrist From New York.

A few weeks ago posted a wild voicemail from a potential job applicant a buddy received. Which started a flood of more pouring in from stoolie nation. 

I'm not sure what my fascination is with lunatics leaving ridiculous/fire up voicemails like this but I'm weird like that. Perhaps its due to a childhood spent listening to The Jerky Boys CDs over and over and over again. 

Anyway, for this week's installment we have a psychiatrist leaving a voicemail for a client or friend (not sure exactly) about a job her offered him, and he is NOT HAPPY. At all. 

From (name redacted)

You gotta give this a  listen.
If you use this, please do not mention our company name AND
Please beep out the doctors name when he says it.
Want to share this but not trying to ruin anyone's life for get in trouble.

Holy shit. 

That guy gets paid to give others advice on how to deal with issues? Professionally? 

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