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What’s The Best Blunt Instrument Blake Snell Could Hypothetically Bludgeon Kevin Cash With Right Now?

They’re already in a dugout so you have to assume a baseball bat is the leader in the clubhouse. But that would be too obvious. Almost as obvious as leaving in your ace who has been dealing all night with the season on the line. So it can’t be that. You could deliver a thorough and vicious beating with a helmet, no doubt in my mind about that. But then again they’re made out of plastic so it might shatter on Cash’s thick skull too quickly, thus leaving your bloodlust completely unfulfilled. You also have to factor in that they’re in Texas right now, so there’s a whole heap of comically oversized belt buckles in the crowd. You pair that sturdy hunk of metal with a fresh stomping doled out by the fashionable boots of Randy Arozarena and you’ve got yourself a beat down worthy of losing your franchise’s first World Series crown. Hypothetically speaking of course.