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Alex Trebek Talking About Alexis Texas On Last Night's Jeopardy Was Definitely Not Something I Thought I'd Ever Hear In My Life

Instant replay of degenerates like you and I watching Jeopardy while trying to casually unwind from our long day at work:

I guess this was one of those surprises that Alex Trebek told us about when he was teasing a new season of Jeopardy? Disney may have dodged a bullet when the names of one of their huge child shot hits didn't share a name with a porn star with a similarly huge ass. But much like Thanos, Alexis Texas is inevitable and made it onto Disney's ABC (at least that's who airs it in New York). Right after dinner time no less! Hearing that beautiful name announced by that beautiful voice was fucking poetry. A big, Texas sized night for Alexis Texas and all her fans.

To answer the question in the tweet above, let me assure you that someone like Alex Trebek is no stranger to lovely ladies like Alexis. You don't rock a perm and that stache unless you like to party.

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.