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No RG3, No DeSean Jackson, No Problem- Absolute Domination By The Redskins

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 4.21.42 PM


The Jaguars are really, really bad at football. On all sides of the ball. They gave up 450 yards on defense. They only had 148 yards on offense. Andre Roberts broke off a nice 37 yard punt return. The Jaguars had 7 first downs all game compared to the Skins 30. So yea. The Jags stink.

But I don’t want to undersell how well the Skins defense played. 10 sacks including 4 from Ryan Kerrigan. Jason Hatcher was disruptive all game and is looking like a great free agent signing. The secondary was still iffy..Hall got burned a couple times and it looks like the Bacarri Rambo experiment is finally over (probably because he’s really terrible at football).

Oh, and that certain little QB thing. Kirk Cousins looked really good. He spread the ball around and looked comfortable in the pocket. He was certainly blessed with a Jags secondary who couldn’t cover anyone at all, but he looked much more poised than last season when he couldn’t do shit against bad defenses. Seems like RG3 will be out for the foreseeable future because his legs are made of glass, which is unfortunate because he wants to be an NFL quarterback.

The Skins won’t get to play a team as bad as the Jaguars every week, but it sure was fun to see them lay a whoopin today.