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100-Year-Old Wilkes-Barre Woman Credits Long Life To "A Lot Of Booze"

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Pennsylvania woman who celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday shared her secret to a long life — “a lot of booze.” Pauline Spagnola of Plains Township celebrated with friends at the Golden Living East Mountain Center near Wilkes-Barre. Spagnola told WNEP the secret to her long life is “a lot of booze.” She certainly seemed to enjoy her party on Wednesday.

Get it, Pauline! Nate’s gonna love diving face first into those party panties. Granted, there really isn’t much to do other than booze and booze HARD in those parts, but you gotta admire the tenacity on this old bag of bones. Some people just want to live (or die) at that age and all Paulina Spagnola wants is to put a couple cold ones back with some of her Golden Girls. Meanwhile my liver will probably clock out for good sometime in the mid-thirties. Respect the greatness.

h/t Mickey