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Soccer Player Launches A Ruthless Two-Footed Kick Right Into A Guy's Scrotum




Eye for an eye.  That’s what the punishment should be.  Not just the referee throwing up a colored card in his face.  Ohhhhh you showed him!  That punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all.  Eye for an eye.  Usually that’s not the best way to correct behavior but it for sure is in this case.  He needs to know what that feels like.  He needs to feel his balls suck back up into his stomach and feel utterly uncomfortable for the better part of two hours.  We can’t just have guys kicking other guys in the balls with almost no repercussions.  That’s not a world I wanna live in.  Let the one guy kick the other guy in the balls. Maybe with metal spikes this time around.


When was the last time you got hit in the balls?  Like maybe not even on purpose, it just happened?  I’d say it happens to me once every couple of years now.  In high school and college it happens a lot more often because Peter Tapping is considered cool in that demographic.  It happened to me by accident a couple months ago at a bar and it really takes you back to how awful it is. You forget how bad it is until it happens.  Just one giant ache in your mid section.  Awful.