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Eck Going All In On Wade Miley Is Laugh Out Loud Funny



I just had to post this clip from Eck last night regarding Wade Miley freaking out after being taken out of the game.  Laugh out loud funny.    He also said Miley must be on acid or something which may be true.   That’s the only explanation as to how he thought he deserved to stay in a game where he was throwing beach balls up there.   But you know what may have sneakier been more insane?  Big Papi pimping his solo HR in the 8th.




Conservatively speaking Papi left 837 runners on base last night.  I think maybe he has 4 hits total this year.   He finally makes contact because the pitcher happened to throw the ball in the exact spot where Ortiz now swings every single pitch regardless of where it is and he pimps it?  Dude if you just hit 2 sac flies the last 2 times you were up before that we win instead of a useless solo shot.   Obviously Ortiz is untouchable but for a guy who is untouchable he certainly seems clueless quite a bit.

PS – As infuriating as this team is to watch and as bad as they are it still all falls on the front office.  There was never any reason to expect this team to be good.   There off-season was a joke.  Everybody said it was a joke in real time.  You can’t sign a bunch of bums and then be stunned when the bums play like bums.  Whether Cherrington actually has any power or not I don’t know, but he needs to go.