After Zero Players Stood Up For Andy Dalton And His Team Fought Themselves On The Field, Jerry Jones Threw A Hissy Fit When The Cowboys Leadership Was Questioned


Awwww Jerry, it's ok bud! Just because your team is the laughing stock of the league, and I say that as a fan of the Washington Football Team, doesn't mean you have to snap on the nice radio man asking a simple question. All he saw was what the rest of us saw- Andy Dalton getting hit in the head and none of his teammates standing up for him, and then the team in-fighting while still on the field before losing 25-3.



But there's no reason for such harsh language, on a family program no less. Smh, Jerry. You're supposed to be a model citizen, someone we can all look up to, and you are throwing temper tantrums on national radio programs? My 3 year old daughter crawled over to me and said "why did the mean man say those words, dad?" and I couldn't explain it. Now she's on the corner selling crack, all because of you, Jerry. For shame.

But I guess we'll just have to take his word for it. The team owned by Jerry Jones and coached by Mike McCarthy DOES NOT have leadership problems. All is well there. The sun is shining and the grass is green. 

I will say this though- Ben DiNucci is the only likable Cowboys player in forever. And that's only because I love JMU. Roll damn Dukes. If he went anywhere else I'd hate his guts but I'm sure of it.