Netflix Is Developing An Assassins Creed Series

Netflix and Ubisoft are teaming to bring Assassin's Creed to television and will develop a slate of properties based on the best-selling game. The first project under the pact is a live-action, genre-bending adaptation of the game. A search is under way for a showrunner for the project, which is currently in the development stages.

The deal for Assassin's Creed will also see Netflix and Ubisoft mine the game's trove of stories for other live-action, animated and anime series based on the global franchise.

Despite the complete and utter failure of the Assassin's Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender, I am extremely excited for this for a few reasons. I think the world built by Assassins Creed is actually very interesting and there is a ton of room to operate within it. There is essentially a mechanism to time travel without actually time traveling, great lore, and great spy action. What makes me the most excited is:

#1. The fact that this is stretched into a series instead of trying to jam it all into a single movie

#2. The success Netflix had adapting 'The Witcher'

Poor Johnny Dogs….

Anyway, this will depend a lot on production value and, in my opinion, making the sets feel and look authentic. A show I think they can look to for inspiration is another Netflix original, 'Marco Polo'. That show had some incredible set pieces and an era-authentic feel to it that I haven't seen in almost anything else. While MP was cancelled due to production costs (and the fact that it was a Harvey Weinstein joint), I think AC can look for a happier medium.