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NOBODY FREAK OUT But We Just Had Our First Division I Hoops Team Completely Cancel Their Season

Yes, this is a big deal. Yes, this is a sign of the times. Bethune-Cookman is a low-major that's leaving the MEAC for the SWAC but they actually matter. They won a share of the league three seasons ago. They are always in the top-half of the conference. But I put nobody freak out for a reason. This is what we're going to see with these low-majors. They need buy-games from major conferences plus the NCAA Tournament in order to fund the athletic department. We aren't getting those buy-games this year because it doesn't make sense for high-majors to pay $250,000 for a team to come in for an easy win. They don't have fans in attendance to make more than that and counter the payoff. 

We're less than a month away from the season. This SUCKS for all the players involved here. Hopefully the NCAA does the right thing and let's them transfer right away if they want. I don't even know if it's possible this close to the season, but they should be allowed to transfer no matter what. More importantly let's hope this is the only team doing this. The Ivy and Patriot Leagues both are going conference only and there's more of a push for that. I still don't think we see it happen, but it's out there. 

I say this in every college hoops blog and we're staying with the trend. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. 28 days. Get us there. Get us to games. Let's argue about who is good, bad beats and everything in between.