Nerd Shocks The World And Absolutely Brings It During A Dance Off At School



Get it white boy!  Get it!  The biggest plot twist of all time right there.  Tough day for black people so far, huh?  First they find out that their NAACP president is actually a white woman whose been pretending to be black and now this.  Some nerd just getting fed up with getting beat in every dance off so he shocks the world.  You can only push a man so far before he snaps.  I guarantee that kid has been practicing in his basement for months just biding his time.  Waiting for his moment to let those dance moves fly.  He finally did and it was amazing.  There are only a handful of white people who have felt what that white kid just felt.  The feeling of complete acceptance by the African American community because your dance moves are just that damn hot.  Actually, I can only think of two.  Him and Justin Timberlake.  End of list.  I thought the roof was gonna collapse when he did the jump-over-his-own-leg move.



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