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The Kazakhstan Tourism Department (Yes, A Kazakhstan Tourism Department Actually Exists) Is Using The Borat Catchphrase "Very Nice" For Its New Ad Campaign

Great work by Kazakhstan for finally steering into the skid that comes with being a comedian's punching bag for God knows how long. I'm not sure if this ad was made because Borat 2 is the most talked about movie right now or because Borat 1 finally arrived in Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs are embracing a catchphrase that was comically overused more than a decade ago. Either way, it got me to watch that commercial and learn that Kazakhstan not only has a tourism department but it's also not just a bunch of angry people living in dust fields. If I had to guess what a Kazakhstan tourism video would look like, it would probably look like one that Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video.

Instead, they brought out the big boy cameras with a zillion megapixels that could make my body look appealing from the right angle (sidenote: Do people still use megapixels or have cameras evolved past that because that was THE measuring stick for cameras back in the day) and showed my that Kazakhstan actually has some cool looking places. Not sure if I'd want to visit any. But I gurantee there are a bunch of hipsters in Brooklyn now planning on visiting that weird ass market place that smells like an Eastern European Mrs. Greens and going to what I imagine is the most boring amusement park on the planet. I'm not throwing stones either. I went all the way to fucking Latvia because my team drafted a 7'3" snake and had a lovely time with even lovelier people.

Anyway, great work by the Kazakhstan tourism board by announcing them and their country actually exists by adopting a phrase people have been mockingly saying about their country for years.

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I can't believe Borat phrases are back in a non-ironic way. Easily one of the 18597325987423895642378564378 craziest thing to happen this year.