Hockey Tough: Muay Thai Fighter Doesn't Give A Single Heck, Pops Her Arm Right Back In To Keep The Fight Going

I'm pretty sure there are at least 47 guys on the Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster who would be out for the remainder of the season if their arm popped out like that. These guys stub their toe and they end up on IR for at least 4-6 weeks. But this chick right here? This Petchsaifah? Well she was born to be a hockey player. She was born to fight through the pain. And in order to fight, it certainly is beneficial to have both of your arms attached to their sockets. Which means if one of them pops out, you pop that shit right back in and you get ready to rumble. 

What a beast. What a warrior. What a hockey player. 

That thing pops in, she gets it cocked and loaded, and she's ready to immediately start throwing down. It took her an 8-second count to get back into the fight, it would take LeBron James 8 months to recover from something like that. 

Unfortunately it looks like she ended up losing the fight by decision (great investigative work by me). But we all know these things are rigged, so she was probably fucked from the get go. 

Anyway, same energy: