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Cleveland Weatherman Breaks Out The Weed Whacker After The Cavs' Loss And I'm Worried About Him




So Spags blogged about this guy a couple days ago when he was holding down New York for KFC.  The butthurt Ohio weatherman who doesn’t handle playoff losses very well.  Well this time he brought out the weed whacker after last night’s Game 4 loss. LOL get it?  Like LeBron getting fouled as he went to the basket but it not getting called?  Or maybe it’s a dick joke.  Not really sure.  I will say this though, I’m honestly a little afraid what will happen to the city of Cleveland and the people who live in it if the Warriors end up winning the series.  I’m obviously rooting for the Warriors because I’m also not the biggest LeBron fan in the world, I love Steph Curry and I feel like Riley Curry is the nation’s daughter but things like this weather man breaking out a weed whacker on TV is just the beginning when it comes to Cavs fans going crazy if Cleveland loses. That place is cursed when it comes to sports as we all know.  They never get the breaks and LeBron not bringing them a title might be the thing that finally make them snap and they just burn the place to he ground and start from scratch.  They’d even rename the place anything but Cleveland and pretend the old place never existed.


PS- With all that said, Go Warriors.