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UF Gators Take The Rolling Stones' Private Plane To The College World Series

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Orlando Sentinel - Red-hot slugger J.J. Schwarz and the Florida Gators baseball team are a pretty big deal these days and enter the College World Series favorites to win it all.

Even so, rock star status seemed to quite a ways off – until Thursday.

The Gators’ arrived to Gainesville Regional Airport for their flight to Omaha and soon were greeted by famous tongue and lip logo of the Rolling Stones.

The iconic image first appeared on the cover of the 1971 album “Sticky Fingers” and has been identified with the band ever since. These days, it appears on the side of the plane the band uses when touring.

Since the band was not using the plane Thursday during its current tour, the Gators ended up on the Stones’ Boeing 737-400 for the team’s trip to Nebraska.

That’s it, cancel the College World Series. To quote Kenny Smith from the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest, “It’s over! It’s over ladies and gentlemen!” I mean it’s one thing to roll into town as the overall favorite to win it all. It’s another thing to roll into town as the overall favorite to win it all IN THE ROLLING STONES’ PRIVATE PLANE. Take all the mojo, all the power move vibes, all the swag and give it all to the UF baseball team. So cool. Seriously how did LSU get to the series? Bus? Hahaha losers.

Only way it could have been better is if Mick was the co pilot and Keith was in the cabin doing hard drugs with everybody to calm their nerves.

Quick obligatory Rolling Stones Top 5 Power Ranking

5) Start Me Up

4) Paint It Black

3) Beast of Burden

2) Sympathy for the Devil

1) Gimme Shelter

h/t Caroline