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If Cleveland Is Looking For Someone To Blame For Last Night's Loss, Look No Further Than This Loser Dropping Foul Balls In A LeBron Jersey


HA! What a loser. I’m shocked that he didn’t hit the deck for a good 5 minutes and play to the cameras. Poor Lebron fanboying imo. More shocking though, is the rest of this guy’s ensemble.

cavs fan



Is he trying to be ironic? I have a tough time believing somebody could put so much dweeb into one outfit. That Lebron jersey is like the 3rd most loser-y thing going on there. It goes something like:


5. Haircut straight outta a Smashmouth music video

4. Wristband/Watch combo, presumably a fitbit, gotta get that body tight for beach season

3. Lebron jersey from the Ilgauskas era

2. White t-shirt under basketball jersey like he’s fucking Adam Morrison

1. Sweatshirt tied around his waist (in fucking June by the way? Is it that cold in Milwaukee in June? If so, that place fucking blows)


I think we’ll be looking back in the annals of history for where momentum shifted in this NBA Finals, and look no further than this jamoke. Cleveland’s Steve Bartman. NBA Finals = Over.