Two Friends Dropped Big Bootie Mix 18 And It's The Best One Yet

Anyone who has been to college in the last 5 years should know what Big Bootie Mixes are. Whether it was a frat party basement, or a day party ("darty" as the kids say), or just the living room of your friend's house because you go to a Jesuit school that doesn't allow Greek life, you've probably heard one of these iconic mixes from Two Friends. 

After a ton of hype, they just released the latest: Big Bootie Mix, Volume 18. Big Bootie Mixes are finally legal. Be very careful with your Google search for this one. If you type in "Big Bootie 18" instead of "Big Bootie Mix 18" you will be getting very different search results.

We will have to see how it holds up as time passes, but this one checks all the boxes to be the greatest Big Bootie Mix of all time. It has a memorable opening, a great mix of old and new music, and some all-time sound drops. You're getting "Rockstar" by Nickelback and Stephen A. Smith's "crack" sound bite in the same mix?!? Impossible to top. 

I think that Volumes 11, 12, and 15 are generally considered to be the three best of all time. Once you hear The Office theme song starting, you know it's Volume 11. You hear Lion King, you know it's Volume 12. And Volume 15 is just great from start to finish. But I think we can officially put 18 up there and have our Mount Rushmore of Big Bootie Mixes. 

When we're back listening to Big Bootie Mixes in crowded bars or crowded house parties, that's when we'll know life is officially back to normal. It's available on Soundcloud (linked above), their website, and I just found out they'll all available on Spotify now too which is ginormous news.