Is Going Viral Worth Getting A Good Ol' Helping Of Food Poisoning?

Nothing like biting into a raw tomahawk for a little bit of clout. Sure, you might be pissing out of your ass for the next 24 hours. But think about all the likes. Think about all the comments. Think about how in 60 years from now you're going to be able to tell your great grandchildren about the time when there was some dude who took a video of himself skateboarding with a bottle of cranberry juice singing along to Fleetwood Mac who went viral and then everybody else jumped on the trend but instead of drinking cranberry juice, you decided to chow down on some raw steak. Potential salmonella and E. coli be damned, you went hard for the clout and the clout came back hard for you. 

Final verdict: It's just a little bit of food poisoning. Plus you'll vomit and shit so much that you'll drop a few pounds along the way. Go viral and also get a head start on that summer bod.