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BREAKING: Michael Proude Wins The 2016 World Tuna Toss Championship

Not quite sure how we missed this one, but just figured it's better late than never to break the news here. Michael Proude is your 2016 Tuna Toss champion of the world after beating his son, Levi, as the two heavyweight contenders went fin-to-fin in the finals. Just look at the exit velocity on this tuna right here. 

Plenty of the newcomers to the sport have adapted to the two-hand method. But Michael Proude is old school. He's been tossing tuna the same way for decades now. Started the one hand launch as a young lad and he's still out here adding to the trophy case as a wily vet. 

By the way, this is Dad Strength in its purest form. I would love to know when the last time he made two trips when carrying the groceries in from the car. Maybe '64? Type of man who drinks a black coffee for breakfast, rifles through a pack of smokes for dinner, takes down a medium rare steak for dinner, washes it down with a 4-finger pour of whisky, goes to sleep, wake up & repeat. No need for a nutritionist, no need for a gym, no need for anything. And he'll still kick your ass day in and day out. Probably has a massive dad hog as well.