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We're In The Endgame Now: Jeff Wilpon Got On A Zoom Call Today To Say Goodbye To Mets Employees

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LETS. FUCKING. GO. Our guy Kyle broke this earlier today while I was out but holy fuck was that beautiful to read. Honestly looking at those text messages is like looking at the two big presents underneath your tree on Christmas morning knowing what they are but still being excited about them. In case you don't believe the good people from We Gotta Believe that also happened to break the awful news that Steve Cohen was dropping out of the Mets, the Wilpons' unofficial hype man confirmed the story.

The headline writer for the New York tabloids would've called it the End of an Error, but I guess we'll have to wait before the sale is official for that to happen. Can you imagine how happy those employees must be right now? They go from one of the most incompetent owners in sports to a dude so successful that he is worth more than the next 3 MLB owners combined. I imagine most of us have all had a boss we hated but not everyone was lucky enough to be around when he resigned. As someone that did get to live through that in my life (fuck you very much Scott), I can tell you there are very few feelings as good as knowing you never have to deal with an underqualified, overpaid moron in your life again. 

They say rising tides raise all boats and I imagine Uncle Stevie is essentially the highest of tides after all the polar ice caps melt for a sports team. Like Kyle said, this is pretty much like LeBron returning to the Cavs except we know we aren't going to lose Steve Cohen the minute he sees an out to go to another more attractive team with better young assets.

My favorite part of all this was Jeff Wilpon saying he had no interest in sticking around to work for Steve Cohen

El. Em. Ay. Ohhhhhhhhh. What do you think someone like Steve Cohen would have someone like Jeff Wilpon do for him at a company he ran into the ground for years? The only two things I could think of were Jeff getting on all fours to be a human ottoman or Stevie giving Jeff some of Citi Field's finest tap water and allow Jeff to be Steve's personal bidet. Other than that, Jeff would be getting the Ari Gold treatment before being served a pink slip as well as being launched into the sun by the giant slingshot that he will be using on Brodie Van Wagenen once his day of reckoning occurs.

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This ownership vote cannot get here soon enough. Can we just say next run wins the World Series so the clock can get started on the offseason? This fraudulent season is going to have a giant asterisk on it anyway and the commissioner called the trophy a piece of metal even after 162 game marathon seasons where more than half the league didn't make the playoffs.