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Coach O Downplays Quarterback Controversy at LSU...For Now

LSU has been tough to figure out in 2020. 

They're 2-2 after demolishing South Carolina in Death Valley on Saturday night. That win was absolutely necessary even without starting quarterback Myles Brennan who is still out with a torn abdomen, but after Brennan (while he put up 34 and 41 points in their two losses) led LSU to a 1-2 start and freshmen TJ Finley looked good beating South Carolina 52-24 the rumors of course are starting to swirl...

Should LSU switch to Finley as the starter?

Coach O addressed that on Monday: 

But then O finishes with "Myles is going to be our starting quarterback, but I know this...if Myles isn't doing well, I can put in TJ, and feel good about it."

Myles Brennan just can't catch a break. The guy sits behind Joe Burrow, and rightfully so, but now as a junior he finally gets his shot only to put up big numbers in his three starts but the defense couldn't stop a nose bleed so the record reflects poorly on him. 

Now Finley comes in, looks good, is more mobile than Myles, and some of the fanbase and even notable alumni from the program seem to be pushing Brennan out the door. 

All I know is, like I said, if the defense holds Mississippi State and MIZZOU to 24 points then LSU wins those games walking away. It's not a bad problem at all to have a true freshmen quarterback ready to roll if Brennan is still hurt or if he starts playing poorly like O said, but I don't think three starts where he threw for over 1,000 yards, 11 TDs, and only 3 picks is enough to get him benched just yet. 

Only Tiger time will tell.