Quick Check On The Bengals: Carlos Dunlap Lost His Shit On The Sidelines, Tried To Sell His House On Twitter, Joe Mixon Tried To Buy It And Tyler Boyd Called Him Out For 'Sucka Shit'

I can't get enough of this story. Shit is going all over the place here in Cincinnati. You have Carlos Dunlap, the longest tenured player on the Bengals, a former Pro Bowler and damn good player, trying to force his way out of town. He's been demoted from being a starter and needless to say he didn't handle it well. Last week he hosted some bizarre Instagram Live where he was going to address it, but just shouted out every teammate that joined the chat. Fast forward to Saturday and we had him Instagram the depth chart with a caption calling out him being 3rd team: 

Then yesterday as the Bengals gave up a buzzer-beater touchdown to the Browns, we had Dunlap fighting on the sidelines with a coach: 

Things get heated in sports. I get that. Buttttttttt, Carlos Dunlap fucking hates the Bengals right now. You think his demotion had anything to do with that there? He tried to sell his house on Twitter after the game (which he deleted).

He posted it on Instagram too! Naturally, he deleted that as well, but luckily screenshots live forever. Along with that you had Joe Mixon trying to buy his house and Tyler Boys calling him out for sucka shit

God bless the Bengals man. They always deliver. Sure, their record sucks, but things are actually going okay. Joe Burrow looks legit. Tee Higgins is pretty damn good. But then you have this. I don't hate Mixon trying to get a deal on it. The house is legit. It's in Mt. Adams with an awesome view. Worth grabbing if you're Mixon. 

But if you're the Bengals, you HAVE to trade or cut Dunlap. You can't have this week after week when you're building around young guys. You can't have a guy consistently going to Twitter and Instagram to sell his house and complain while posting depth charts. I'm waiting for him to just post a playbook next. Just shows that no matter what, the Bengals will always be the Bengals and that's what we need in the NFL.