After Sunday’s Brutal Loss, Where Do The Dallas Cowboys Go From Here?

How many weeks can we create a “where do we go from here” blog? I already said it’s scrap everything and everyone, and yet, things just continue to get worse and worse every single week. 

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The Dallas defense is historically bad. Everybody knows that, everyone’s talked about that. Mike Nolan is the worst, he has no answers, and you can expect another week of the whisper campaign exposing just how over his head he is a Defensive Coordinator.

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But I’m more stressed about the offense at this point. With Dak, the team at least always had a chance of putting up a 40 burger. Without him? Here’s an interesting fact. Dallas Overs have dropped nearly TWO TOUCHDOWNS since Dak got hurt, from high 50s to mid-to-low 40s. I can’t think of another situation where one player got hurt and cut 14 points off the Over/Under. That’s how important Dak is, at least according to the people charged with keeping the lights on at billion dollar casinos.

Ask Colin Cowherd, a QB is normally only worth 3 points to Vegas. That shows how not only elite he was but also how integral he was to this team’s ability to even remain competitive against the grossest of opponents. 

What’s left of this burnt carcass of an offense? Maybe not even Andy Dalton, who took a vicious hit to the head and whose status is unclear for next Sunday Night’s game against the Eagles. 

That leaves (barring Jerry making a wildly desperate trade) the Dallas offense in the hands of Ben DiNucci, a rookie 7th round draft pick who looks like a meme in waiting, and Garrett Gilbert, the best quarterback in the history of the Alliance of American Football’s Orlando Apollos. It’s not a stretch to think that Gallup, Lamb, Zeke and the gang may be getting balls from the son of Gale Gilbert, the only quarterback in history to lose five consecutive Super Bowls. This season continues to get even more surreal.

Where do the Cowboys go from here? Your sad, confused, apocalyptic guess is as good as mine. And you know what? I don’t even think the Jones’ have an answer either. We’ll know more I’m sure when Dalton’s status becomes clear, but there are no clear paths forward for this team. The defense looks unfixable. The Offense Line barring a miracle, cannot pass protect. With those two immutable facts, nothing is going to get better. The silverest of linings is that you KNOW the Cowboys will not be covering no matter who is their opponent and the UNDER is in play every single game. 

And the craziest, wildest, most stupid thing of all?

The Cowboys may still make the playoffs. 

God save the NFL if an 11-5 team (Seattle, Arizona, San Francisco looking at you) gets bumped from a playoff spot so that the 4-12 Cowboys tragedy in waiting can go one and done and stumble off into a Top 5 draft pick.

Bring on the Eagles in front of a national audience on Sunday night. That won’t end in tears.