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OBJ Has A Torn ACL And Is Out For The Season

Cursed. The Cleveland Browns are flat out cursed. I mean, can ANYTHING good ever happen in regards to this team? Even when we're finally a legitimate playoff contender, with our best team in decades, and a head coach with a brain, while sitting at 5-2 with the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL, AND with Nick Chubb on his way back to reload what was a lethal offense to start the year, now OBJ is out for the season. Tore his ACL running to make a tackle after an interception. Only in Cleveland. I can already see it now: we're going to finish 8-8 and be stuck in the danger zone where we don't pick high enough to get a new franchise QB, but don't win enough games to make the playoffs. The worst spot to be in.

And listen, I'll address the elephant in the room. I'm not afraid to say it: OBJ brought this on himself. If you thought Odell Beckham was just going to be able to say this last week and not get attacked by the karma train in someway, you don't know how the coronavirus operates.

I don't know how many examples we need to see before the world learns that coronavirus takes no prisoners. It got Rudy Gobert immediately after her mocked it by wiping his hands all over the reporters microphones. For OBJ to publicly say it has a "mutual respect" with his body and they've agreed to just stay away from each other is simply crazy. Yeah right, buddy. Not even 1 quarter into the game, boom, torn ACL. Coronavirus is probably laughing it's ass off right now, thinking to itself "you wish I only put you out for 10 days now, huh Odell?"

Okay, Browns analysis: anyone that makes the point that the Browns and Baker looked better once OBJ was gone yesterday, you're an absolute moron. Yes, Baker did complete 20 straight passes and throw for 5 TDs, but I will ALWAYS be on the side that it's better to have great players on the field. Losing OBJ really hurts. No question about it. And I'm dead serious when I say this: is OBJ going to retire? The dude has gone through some shit and coming back from an ACL is a long and strenuous process. Does he seem like the type of dude to want to do that right now?

If he does want to come back though, it looks like OBJ will definitely still be a Brown.

I mean, you gotta keep him if that's the situation, right? Unless they can get someone to trade for him, which I find HIGHLY unlikely anyone is looking to get a known diva wide receiver that's very expensive and with a torn ACL.