Sorry, DK, But This French Rugby Try Was The Nastiest Display Of Athleticism From The Weekend

Daniel Jones can't even run the ball into the end zone when he has 20 yards of nothing but green grass ahead of him. Bozo trips over his own feet because he tried to shift into a gear that he doesn't have. Meanwhile, we've got Teddy Thomas over here pulling off the razzlest of dazzles these eyes have ever seen. Just some good ol' fashioned razmataz. Some terrific trickery. A little heyhowareya. 

Sure, DK Metcalf may be the fastest man on the planet. But to perfectly boot the ball to yourself while running full speed around a defender on your way to a try is borderline NSFW. Filth filth filth. 

By the way, didn't realize that Phil Kessel plays for the Wales national rugby team during the NHL offseason. 

The ideal male body. Love it or leave it.