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Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz Has Tested Positive For COVID, Awaits 2nd Test For Confirmation

After returning starter Jack Coan went down with a broken foot in training camp for Wisconsin, the former 5-star QB Graham Mertz was given the keys to the Badgers car. The hype behind him was the biggest for a Wisconsin QB that I can remember. How did his first game work out for him? Pretttyyyyy good.

We could spend a whole blog just gushing over his performance. Yeah, it was Illinois, but what did Jack Coan do against Illinois last year? Lost. 

Unfortunately, this blog is a bad news blog.

We are awaiting the second test results, but this is just awful luck for Mertz and the Badgers. They looked like a serious contender on Friday night. Now, if Mertz's second test comes back positive? He'll be out for a minimum of 21 days.

SOURCE-Big Ten players who test positive for COVID-19 will be held out of games and practice for a minimum of 21 days.

Wisconsin's upcoming schedule:

Week 2: @ Nebraska

Week 3: Vs. Purdue

Week 4: @ Michigan

Week 5: Vs. Northwestern (1st game he could return)

Who will step in for Wisco? Chase Wolf.

He has zero pass attempts in his college career.