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What Kind Of Dark Arts Does This Man Know?

This is flying around the internet right now. Everyone having a good laugh about how this is one of the great flops of all time. That by next Oscar season this should sweep the awards. Ummm am I watching the same clip as everyone else? We're six days out from Halloween and people don't seem to have their minds focused in the slightest. This man is very clearly a witch. Just a quick throat grab and it left his enemy stunned, completely paralyzed, in need of prompt emergency medical attention. Sadly no manmade modern medicine will do the trick. This requires some eye of newt, a bubbling cauldron, and the blood of several unicorns to reverse this spell. Just look at his eyes

Textbook witchcraft. Eye contact during the spell summoning and then the next thing you know he's stiff as a stone as if he got caught in Medusa's gaze. This is no laughing matter and I don't understand how the rest of the world has been duped into believing they haven't definitively witnessed the dark arts on display here today.