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Jimbo Fisher And Wife Separate...Rumors Flood Message Boards Saying She Slept With Former UF Player Taylor Jacobs

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Tally - Florida State University football coach Jimbo Fisher and his wife Candi have separated. The couple are working with attorneys to mediate terms of a possible divorce, the Tallahassee Democrat has confirmed.

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Gator Country

That one comment is so true – college football in the South: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. A place where if you get separated and get a divorce because, you know, your marriage isn’t working out and you just don’t love each other anymore…2 hours later you’re all over every message board on the internet with some rumor about you fucking a rival player. Post it once and it spreads like wildfire then next thing you know boom, some stupid rumor from a random fan is gospel and it’s getting chanted at baseball games. Kind of sucks.

Of course, all those massive checks your husband was cashing and that you’re about to get half of because he was a college football coach in the South sure were pretty nice. So it just about evens out.

PS – Just feel bad for the kid. Dude is the man.