Oh, Look At That! One Instagram Post Shows The Bengals Still Are - And Always Will Be - The Most Dysfunctional Franchise In The NFL

It's good to know that in this wild ass year, some things remain the same. Some things are still normal. That of course would be the Bengals being the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. Here you have Carlos Dunlap, a staple in Cincinnati, putting the depth chart for Sunday's game on Instagram. Now you may say, what's the big deal with that. Oh, it's because he's trying to force his way out of Cincinnati. Even better is Dunalp is hopping in the comments to talk shit about the team and the radio analyst: 

It's beautiful to watch from within the city. I had no feelings towards the Bengals until I moved here 11 years ago, but my friends are assholes. It's hilarious to watch them get their heart ripped out year after year even with them expecting it. I need the Bengals to stay dysfunctional even if Joe Burrow looks legit as hell. It's our saving grace that we can count on every year. 

What a move by Dunlap though. Just go full Costanza and try to get fired. If this doesn't work, next week I need him to Instagram the playbook. Just show the defensive gameplan for the next week. That'll do the trick. What else do you do when you get demoted from the starting lineup and want to get traded? I simply have no other ideas that come to mind. 

Thank God for the Bengals. The shot of normalcy we all need.