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There Was A Snowy Mud Bowl High School Football Game In The Michigan Upper Peninsula With Kid Announcers And It Was AWESOME

Feel free to Fast Forward to anywhere on the video because I don’t expect anyone to sit through a 3 hour high school football game video, let alone one on Barstool (snow comes in a little after the halfway point)

Remember when we were all locked inside during the beginning of this pandemic and thought we may never see sports again? Well this video was pretty much the Sports Gods making good for all the bullshit that's gone on since March. A mud bowl is great enough. A mud bowl with snow is legendary. But a mud bowl with snow announced by two kids where the winning team locked up a share of the division championship is the kind of shit you tell your grandkids.

I don't know much about the U.P. of Michigan other than the people that live there are called UPers (Pronounced: Yoopers), they are looked at as essentially wildlings by the fancy Michigan mainlanders, and I fucking loved them even before this video came out. Now they are my favorite group of humans on the planet because this video proved that no matter how bad things get, everything will somehow get better, even if it's in one legendary game that just so happens to be 8-on-8 because that's how the Yoopers roll that balances everything out.

Sidenote: Playing backyard snow football is obviously the best, especially if it's during a snow day, or even better after an early dismissal where you plan the game out on the bus ride home. But mud football should not be slept on at all, even though no rational parent would allow a bunch of punk kids to ruin their grass