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Chick Casually Takes A Dump On The Floor Of A Store Then Continues Shopping



Savages.  People are goddamn savages.  The part that made me the most uncomfortable was when she was walking around after taking the shit like nothing happened.  Unfortunately we all know what that feels like.  There are times throughout every person’s life when you sit on the bowl, take a giant shit only to turn in horror to see that there is nothing but a cardboard roll next to you.  No shit paper to be found.  It’s the WORST.  Most of the time you’re able to pull your pants up and find the nearest other bathroom and take care of it.  But still, the walk to that bathroom feels barbaric.  So fucking uncomfortable.  And this lady?  She looked like she didn’t even care and that makes her a sociopath of the highest degree. If you can walk around with a non-wiped ass and not look like you’re in full panic-mode to find the nearest piece of toilet paper or newspaper or even a glossy magazine then you have more than likely killed a person. Also, I don’t understand why they blurred her face out in the video.  SHOW HER!  SHOW US HER FACE SO WE KNOW WHO TO SHAME. It’s incredible to me that that’s where we draw the line of decency.  That bitch just took a giant shit on the floor but they still feel the need to protect her identity.  Bullshit.  Let’s see this psychopath.