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Gettlefinger Strikes!!! The Giants Trade Markus Golden To The Cardinals For A Draft Pick As The Big Blue Fire Sale Begins

Talk about an all-time fleecing. Who the fuck trades a draft pick for a struggling pass rusher on the last year of his deal?!?

You know what? Don't answer that. 

There were some trade whispers about who may be moving off of Big Blue yesterday and it would appear that Evan Engram's inability to catch a dime dropped directly into his hands turned those whispers into a conversation held in normal voice levels between the Giants and Cardinals. 

Clearly Markus Golden wasn't performing in Patrick Graham's defense like he did for Blitzin' Jimmy Bettcher, who pretty much chose Golden as his guy, who did just fine for what he was. But getting Golden back for a fair price thanks to some little known free agency tender and flipping him for a draft pick that I will convince myself will become a perennial Pro Bowler after watching his highlights on draft day isn't the worse move in the world. 

Now we'll see if the Giants can move guys like Golden Tate, Evan Engram, or Kevin Zeitler (the first two preferably more than the third because I like good linemen more than bad receivers), figure out how to drum up a pass rush that has barely existed all season before this trade or injuries started taking people down, and save the number 44 for someone special because no Giant should wear that number unless he brings this kind of fury on the field.

To be clear, I wouldn't mind another running back wearing 44 if he can bring the pain simply because I feel like Gallman and Lewis ran hard last night and throwing 22/33/44 at a defense makes the Giants running game seem tough and strong as fuck.