A Private League In Connecticut Has Allowed For High Schoolers To Play Football This Fall

Thanks to being from Connecticut, I keep up with the news in the state. I'm sure a lot of Stoolies are current residents. 

Connecticut is no Texas when it comes to high school football, but just like any state, the kids love to strap on the pads and play. In a COVID world, high school football was put on hold in CT. The kids were understandably not happy, as other sports such as soccer were allowed to play this fall. They held a "Let Us Play" rally at the CT state capital. 

Ultimately, it didn't work. I, personally, felt bad for the kids. A lot of seniors weren't going to get their fall season. It's a "get in line" situation in terms of this pandemic, as high school seniors didn't have graduation this past spring, but sports are big in a lot of teen's lives and it being taken away always stinks. 

CT ultimately decided to let them play this spring, but it's a condensed, kind of lame schedule:

SOURCE-The alternative season will host sports which were not able to complete 40 percent of their games during their regular scheduled season. Teams can condition starting on Feb. 22, and football teams can practice in full pads starting Feb 27. Scrimmages can be held from March 6 to March 12 or 13 and game play will run from March 19 to April 17.

Football teams will play a maximum of five games with one scrimmage. All other sports, if need be, will have the opportunity to play 10 games. There will be no postseason, according to CIAC executive director Glenn Lungarini.

But, some teams have decided to play thanks to a private league.

The Connecticut Independent High School Football League already consists of 17 teams from towns across the state, including from Woodbridge, New Britain and Berlin, among others, according to Frederick, who has formed Meriden’s “Eastsiders” team largely with his school’s players. While the school board’s decision to allow his team to use facilities and equipment offset costs of playing, the teams in Meriden have relied heavily on donations, raising thousands of dollars to cover insurance, referees, medical personnel and announcers for each game.

Seems to be going well so far. There are risks involved here, but there are risks with any sport being played and there are multiple sports being played throughout schools.

“I was just happy to be out there and play,” said Josh Pelletier, a senior offensive lineman for the Eastsiders. “We knew who we were going against and what we had to do.”

Sports are awesome, especially for those in high school. My best memories are from sports. When I get back together with my high school friends we talk about random memories we have from when we played together. The only thing I missed about high school when I went to college was being a part of sports teams. I couldn't have imagined my high school years without sports, so hearing these teams come together and play puts a smile on my face no matter how lame that is.