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Kristaps Porzingis Logged On Twitter To Poorly Talk Shit About The Knicks For God Knows What Reason

What the fuck was that? Does KP think the season is about to start because it's late October and the Mavs open up with the Knicks or something? Because sending that tweet out of the blue during one of the five minutes of the entire year where there is nothing going on in the NBA from a game that your team lost against a bum ass team that also swept the season series against you is weird. Especially when you let the Human Turnover score a massive bucket on your flopping ass with one of the seven spin moves he did last season that didn't result in something catastrophic.

There are so many better ways to clown the Knicks. Tweet out something about James Dolan or the Knicks record this century or simply write "Knicks" and let Twitter turn that into a quote retweet bonanza where the Knicks are getting dunked on like they always do.

It's crazy to see a 7'3" walking insurance policy leave New York and instantly forget how to talk shit. Maybe that's why this happened in a country where he should be viewed as a God.