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Borat's Pretend Daughter Got Past White House Security and Met the Trumps Posing as a Fake Reporter

Daily Mail - An actress posing as Sacha Baron Cohen's daughter in the new Borat movie was able to gain admittance to the White House last month – making it steps from the Oval Office and touring the press areas and grounds north of the White House.

The comedian tweeted out promo footage of the encounter hours after the release of his new film, which includes footage of a staged encounter with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the comedian defended as a 'honey trap.' was present at the White House when OANN correspondent Chanel Rion conducted an interview of the actress while being trailed back and forth by a camera and sound crew on September 20.  ...

Bulgarian actress Mara Bakalova, who in the movie plays Borat's daughter Tutar Sagdiyev, being interviewed by Rion. ...

The White House visit is one of three encounters which span months. Bakalova - who at the time was brunette - was both at a Trump reception for supporters in Phoenix and shook hands with Don Jr. at the CPAC conservative conference, both in February.  She visited the White House - this time with blond hair - in September, two months after the Giuliuani encounter.

The footage of her encounters with Trump and the first family were released on Twitter and are not in the movie itself, suggesting that there may be more material coming from Baron Cohen's production team. ...

'No need for security test or COVID test. They boring,' he said. 

The scenes at the White House got cut and didn't make it into the movie, titled ''Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.' 

The clip then shows Bakalova in character with dark hair apparently attending events with President Trump Donald Trump Jr. 

I get why this can be considered - in one of the many overdone cliches of our times - bad optics. It's not a great look for anyone. Not the White House press office. Not the Secret Service. Not gate security. Really not anyone in vets the people coming in and out of events where they President of the United States and his son are present. I mean, they ought to know that the hot Bulgarian "journalist" walking around and shaking hands actually works for a guy who pretended to put a wedding sack over Pamela Anderson's head at a book signing and carry her off. Or that he once did a five minute scene where he rolls around naked with a fat man, buries his nose in said fat man's taint and they chase each other into a crowded hotel elevator. When you're dealing with a person who works for someone that committed to pulling pranks, the honor system is not your best approach. You need to have a very good, accurate sense of who they are before you let them loose in the place where the nuclear football is kept, is what I'm saying. Because if you think Sacha Baron Cohen wouldn't launch a nuke (safely) into the atmosphere just as a goof, you never saw the first moviefilm. Or him camping with homophobic rednecks in "Bruno," for that matter. That was more dangerous than any missile.

That said, it's not like White House security is all that tight. At least not in the press Briefing Room. Not that they'll let just anybody off the street go in there. They do a pretty thorough search at the gate. They X-ray everything. Check and recheck your ID and credentials. But still, they'll let non-journalist journalists into the room.

Or even into the Oval Office. 

Because even a POTUS and his son have to live a little. It's not like they can live in a protective bubble where you ban all entertaining people from being in their presence. I mean, the White House isn't like one of Roger Goodell's Super Bowls. 

And if you're going to allow some reporters who are really just entertainers into your world, you might as well start with a young, talented, rising star like Maria Bakalova. There's no shame in that.