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How To Smoke A Meatloaf Featuring Kent Rollins (VIDEO)

Meatloaf day continues with this all time recipe from the classic country cowboy chef Kent Rollins. This time he does a pork/beef mix very similar to what we saw this morning from Mary. This one's different though because it's a smoked technique, but not entirely because he employs a continuous glaze. That stops the smoke from overpowering the loaf while still giving it that rich flavor Kent has come to know and love. 

Other notes:

- A spicy meat loaf is a good meat loaf 

- 3/4 cup of cream is a good amount of cream

- Ritz cracker is the critical component here. Just an awesome, throwback move 

- Important to chill your loaf for 20 minutes once you roll it so that it cooks evenly 

- Cherry wood on the smoker is a nice touch with the pork mix, but then you have the oak for the beef. The beauty of a good meatloaf is in the details and Kent is no stranger 

- Beautiful bell pepper 

- Last and most important - notice how much he glazes the loaf once it's in the smoker. Consistency and small details are how you win in life and good meatloaf. As some say around here it's not rocket science guys.