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Sportscenter Forgot Like 11 Things That Bron Bron's Daily Schedule Includes




Hey Bron Bron I think you forgot at least like 11 things….




1. Brian Windhorst fellatio


2. Improv Acting


3. Work on mean mug faces in the mirror

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4. Schedule 3 Social Media Posts Where You  Say You’re Not Going To Use Social Media During The Playoffs


5. Limp in public


6. Dress like an asshole



7. Check Out Some Perfect Booties on Instagram.



8. Buy Billboards Featuring All Your Injured Teammates So People Talk About How You’re Doing This All By Yourself



9. Hold A Press Conference To Talk About How Much Pain You Are In And How You Can’t Sleep But It’s All Worth It



10. Take A Quick 3 Hour Nap.  (Wait What?  I Thought He Couldn’t Sleep)


11. Embarrass David Blatt