Straight Out Of A Movie: Newcastle Brings In A Dude Working Construction For A Trial Because He's Friends With Their Star, Gets A Contract After This Bicycle Kick

[Source] - Toon boss Steve Bruce said they have taken a ‘bit of a gamble’ on the French striker after he impressed by scoring a stunning overhead-kick during a trial.

Booted out by St Etienne at 15 over disciplinary problems, Indalecio, 23, moved to Australia last year and worked on a construction side while playing in the fourth-tier. 

This just feels like a plot to some below average feel good movie. Meet Florent Indalecio. The dude was playing fourth-tier soccer in Australia and working construction for his job. He essentially was a part-time soccer player. But good news for him is he's friends with Allan Saint-Maximin, who is a key player for Newcastle. He actually stayed with them despite being linked to Manchester United on a transfer. 

But that's not the point. The point is Indalecio's story. What does he do during the trial? Scores a goal on this bicycle kick. I'm not sure if this is 100% a bicycle kick, but it's close enough and it sounds better than an 'over the head kick'. More importantly he does the smart thing and posts it in on Instagram

19,500 views. Not too shabby for a trial goal. Especially when it leads to a deal. Sure he's joining the U-23 team, but he still has a contract to play in England and not construction and fourth-tier soccer in Australia. You take that deal 100 out of 100 times. Talk about being a good friend though. Saint-Maximin didn't have to make a push for his buddy who was really doing nothing. That's a guy you want in your foxhole. And I bet Indalecio is appreciative to work there. I don't think he would have a hype circle to say he is ashamed of Newcastle, no matter their record. 

I want nothing more than this dude to get called up to the first team and score an important goal to push Newcastle into the Europa League. Let's just go all the way Disney with this shit now.