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Cody's Game to Lose - Big Brother Week 11 Power Rankings

The Final Three is set. After a very underwhelming All-Star season, the end of this season is in sight. Let's recap the week and reveal our final set of power rankings of the season.

Week 11 HoH: Enzo

Pre-Veto Noms: Christmas and Nicole

Veto: Cody (not used)

Post-Veto Noms: Christmas and Nicole

Evicted: Christmas (1-0 vote)

On the next episode, we will find out who wins Part One of the Final HoH competition. Whoever comes out on top will automatically move to Part 3, while the other two will have to deal with Part Two. The overall winner of the HoH will have the choice of who they want to sit next to when the jury makes its decision on Wednesday night.

Week 11 Power Rankings

3. Enzo - This may be the penultimate week of the season, but it was far from a clean HoH reign by Enzo. He accidentally told Cody and Enzo they are a Final Three, while forgetting that Christmas was still in the house. He also passed up on ANOTHER shot to make a big move in this game by not nominating Cody this week. He probably lost Christmas' vote in the jury should he make it to the Final Two, and everything we've seen indicates that he is playing for second place once again. I still like him a lot, but his resume just isn't there. 

2. Nicole - Could we see the first ever two-time winner? It's definitely possible. It will be very interesting to see what happens if Nicole wins the final HoH. Her clear No. 1 ally has been Cody since Day One, but she definitely has a better chance of beating Enzo in the end. Loyalty or strategy? As a former winner, I'd expect the latter, but she is going to have to dethrone Cody in the upcoming competitions. 

1. Cody - The former runner-up BY FAR has the best resume in the house. He won HoH on the very first week, has made alliances throughout the house, and is one of two people to have never been put on the block. If he wins HoH this week, I think he wins in a blowout vote. But because he has played well socially the whole time, there is a chance both Enzo and Nicole take him as well. He deserves the $500,000 the most, but we will see if he makes it to the end. 


16th - Keesha

15th - Nicole A.

14th - Janelle

13th - Kaysar

12th - Bayleigh

11th - Ian (Jury Member #1)

10th - Da'Vonne (Jury Member #2)

9th - Kevin (Jury Member #3)

8th - David (Jury Member #4)

7th - Dani (Jury Member #5)

6th - Tyler (Jury Member #6)

5th - Memphis (Jury Member #7)

4th - Christmas (Jury Member #8)

We will have a post-finale blog coming next week. I'd be shocked if Cody doesn't win it all.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind these Big Brother blogs will ALWAYS be spoiler-free. I realize a lot of you watch the feeds and like to know winners/noms before the episodes air, but I won't give away any of that on here.