Don't Let Baker Mayfield Read This Blog

Funny how that works. I get murdered week in and week out because I hold out out hope for #10. Because I believe in a good comeback story. You've heard that song and dance from me countless times and everybody thinks I'm fucking crazy. Blah blah blah rinse and repeat,.  

In the meantime, the Cleveland Browns are getting jerked off because they're 4-2 but nobody wants to talk about how Mitch is a better quarterback than Baker Mayfield. It's absolutely crazy to me that he gets so much more respect than Mitch without being nearly as good with significantly better weapons around him. I'm honestly not trying to make this too much about Mitch but at the same time just ask yourself if he gets a fair distribution of criticism. 

He doesn't. 

And before you pussies flame off in the comment section like 

Give it up Carl the schtick is old

This isn't a schtick. Why is Mitch's target so much bigger than Baker's? All you've heard about Mitch since getting benched is NOTHING because he's a fucking awesome teammate. You have to search far and wide to find a bad thing about him. People forget that and it pisses me off. 

Anyways, would love to hear from someone about why nobody hates on Baker the way people love to hate on Mitch. Turns out 10 > 6.  Who knew.