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Ho-Hum! Just A Trash Panda Dragging An Iguana Across The Street

You're not going to see a more "Florida" video all day and that's a guarantee.  The only way this would get more stereotypical is if the raccoon blew up a meth lab at the end.  Iguanas take a lot of heat in Florida because they are an invasive species and mow through a ton of vegetation.  A lot of times, the vegetation ends up being in people's gardens or around their yard, and its not taken very positively.  So you could see why the Trash Panda PR committee might have called this play.  If the Trash Pandas want more support amongst the Florida citizens, taking out Iguanas is a genius move, and it looks like it is paying off beautifully here.

I'd love to see what his end game was here once he got to the other side of the road.  Like did he try and off him right there?  Did he get the rest of his Trash Panda brethren to jump him once he got there?  Iguanas have very tough skin and are not easy to just take apart, so I'm curious what Rocky had planned.  Raccoons can be more vindictive than you might think...

So I doubt he hadn't thought of it yet.  This guy recording should just be lucky it wasn't him that was on the menu!